5 Simple Kids Story

Kids Story

Kids Story

“Kids Story “Stories are best for children. the stories also make children responsible, respectful, empathetic, and honest from a very early age.

Here we will briefly describe 5 very short stories for kids with some values and principles.

Here is a collection of “5 lines of short stories for kids” in English.

Kids Story Golu The Monkey

Golu was playing under a tree. There was a beehive on the tree.

The tree was near a lake. Golu found a bag of groundnuts.He was hungry.So he cracked open the groundnuts.Then he ate them.

suddenly, the earth shook.Golu was afraid.He Clung to the tree. “Whoosh”,he heared a splashing sound.

The beehive had fallen into the lake.”Help, help”, cried the bees. Golu heard the bees Crying.The bees’ wings had become wet. The bees couldn’t fly.

Golu threw the empty groundnuts shells into the water.A gust of wind blew.

The bees’ wings dried up as the wind blew.The bees could fly again They were very happy.”Thank you”, said the queen Bee.

she gave Golu some Honey.The queen be flew away with the other bees.

“Today is my lucky day”, said Golu and drunk the honey.


 Titli Helps Dumbo

one day Titli,the butterfly and Dumbo the baby elephant were playing in the garden.

Dumbo was shaking the plum tree. He was also tryning to catch the falling plums.

Titli was busy sucking nectar from the nearby flowers.Dumbo was singing “Plum,plum,plum, I love plums,give me one plum,give me two plums.

“Titli laughed.Suddenly, a plum got stuck in Dumbo’s trunk.Dumbo blew his trunk.But the plum wouldn’t come out.

“Oh! How can I drink water now ? cried Dumbo.Titli led Dumbo to a nearby plant.

There were many yellow flowers on the  plant.Titli told Dumbo, “Smell this flowers.” Dumbo sniffed the flower with his trunk.

The pollen from the flower made his sneeze “AAAA-CCHHOOO.”The plum came out of Dombo’s trunk.Dumbo happily shook the plum tree again.

Titli said,”You must do only one work at a time. Shake the tree or eat the falling plums.””Titli,you are right,” said Dumbo.

He stopped shaking the tree and ate the plums which had fallen down.


Golu and Dumbo

Dumbo was a baby elephant. He had no friend.Everday,he played alone.He was bored.He wanted to play with someone.Everyday,he went to the lake for a swim.

One day,he saw Golu,the monkey playning with a ball.Golu was playning cricket with his friend.

“Can I play with you?”asked Dumbo.All the monkeys looked at Dumbo.Golu said,”you can’t play.you have a very long nose.Look at us.we all have small noses.

“Dumbo was sad.He stood quietly and watched the monkeys play.

“Go away,”they shouted.Dumbo went to the lake for a swim.Suddenly,he heard a scream. Dumbo rushed out of the lake.

The Monkeys were all jumping and shouting.Golu fallen into a deep ditch.

There was no rope nearby.Dumbo looked into the ditch.Golu was crying bitterly.

Dumbo put his trunk into the ditch.Golu caught hod ditch.Golu Caught hod of Dumbo’s trunk.Dumbo pulled Golu out.

All the monkey clapped. Golu said,”Its your long nose which has saved me.Thank you” Dumbo was never lonely again.

Dumbo and all monkeys become good friends.Everday they played cricket together.

 Sunny The Spider

Sunny ,the spider lived in a deep dark cave. one day, he tried to catch some bees but they flew away.

He tried to catch some grasshoppers, but they too hopped away.

He thought,”I must do something fast. I am feeling hungry”. He wove a big web inside the cave.

Then he went outside. A swarm of flies where playing outside the cave. he sat quietly.

He didn’t try to catch them. “why are you not catching us?” asked the young flies.

Sunny said, “Today is my birthday. I will not eat you. I have come to invite you for my birthday party. There are some sweets in my cave please come and eat them.

The flies danced around Sunny. but he lay still. The Flies said to one another, “Sunny will do us know harm. let’s go and have the sweets”.

“Sunny is lying. don’t trust him” said an old fly. “keep quite”, said the another files.

Sunny said, “you can trust me. I will stay outside the cave some of you can go inside and eat sweets and some you can wait outside”

Some of the bold flies went into the cave. an hour passed by. The flies did not come out the cave.

The files waiting outside where restless. They said, “why aren’t the flies coming out?”

Sunny said, “I think all your friends are very greedy. They want to eat all the sweets.”

The the files outside the cave said, “we too want to eat sweets. Let’s go inside. The flies flew into the cave. as the cave was dark, they couldn’t see. the flew right into the Sunny’s web.

There were no sweets in the cave. Sunny hand tricked the flies “Ha, Ha, Ha,” he laughed and ate them.


 Rudra The Rude Boy


Rudra was a very rude boy. he was rude to his parents, teachers and classmates. he had no friends.

He played and studied alone. he even sat alone at school.

One day, the teacher said, “No studying today. All of you go out and play”.

All the children’s wear happily playing. But Rudra sat alone.

The teacher asked Rudra,”why are you not playing?” Rudra replied, “Nobody wants to play with me.” The teacher wanted to help Rudra.

She thought, “If only Rudra was not rude. he would have a lot of friends to play with.”

She brought two glasses of water. “Rudra come here. drink water from both the glasses,” she said.

Rudra obeyed the teacher.He drank water from the first glass. it tasted very sweet.

Then he drunk water from the second glass he spat out the water.

“Why did you spit the water?” asked the teacher. “it’s too salty,” said Rudra.

The teachers smiled. she said, “All of us like to drink water. all of us need friends. if you are sweet, people will like you. if you are rude ,nobody will like you.Everyone drinks water from the lake and Ponds. nobody drinks water from the Sea because it’s too salty”.Rudra now understood why he had no friends.

He Changed himself. he was polite to everyone. soon he had a lot of friends. He was happy.

His teacher was happy and his parents were happy too.





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